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Hi. I'm a 20 year old music lover, I sometimes make graphics and I'm rather quiet. welcome to my naruto blog.

Here, have some awesome adjectives:

Passionate, ephemeral, obssesive, fleeting, free...

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I don’t want to go down with my ship. I want my ship to go down on each other.

July 28
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Very Iconic Naruto Moments (part 5)
↳ our main character

July 28
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new naruto movie set in the future

what we expected:


what we got: naruto with ugly hair


kishi please reconsider this

another thing naruto’s name is written on his ass


idek what kishi is trying to achieve here

expectation vs. reality

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July 27
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Temari headers by seunmilk | Requested by Lellaria 

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want to request a header? send an ask! enjoy c:

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Itachi Uchiha + expressions

July 26
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now kisssss
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